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We will be implementing an old-fashioned letters column starting in Tablet of Destinies #2, so send us your comments, questions, critiques, speculations, and suggestions!  If your letter is selected for the column, we’ll send you a free copy of the book!

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Lady Mechanika: The Tablet of Destinies #1

After a young friend shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep, Lady Mechanika finds herself on a globe-spanning trek in search of an ancient Sumerian artifact.  Join us for the beginning of an all new adventure with our favorite steampunk heroine!

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Lady Mechanika #4 and #5, Tablet of Destinies #1

The final two chapters of The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, as well as the first chapter of The Tablet of Destinies, are now available digitally through Comixology!

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Lady Mechanika #5


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In a Victorian world filled with flying dirigibles, clockwork automatons, and elegantly fashionable attire, Lady Mechanika, a young woman with mechanical limbs and no memory of how she got them, searches desperately for the secrets to her past.  Read the story from the very beginning in our special Collected Editions, available from your local comic book shop or here in our online store:

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