Lady Mechanika Book 4 (Incentive Cover)

LADY MECHANIKA VOLUME 1:  Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, Chapter Four

(Cover C).

32 pages, full color.

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The fourth chapter of the first Lady Mechanika series “The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse”:

Lady Mechanika’s investigation of the mechanical corpse leads her to Lord Blackpool, a weapons dealer with whom she’s had a prior disagreeable altercation.  When she learns that the grand scientific symposium Mechani-Con is holding its annual Masquerade Ball aboard Blackpool’s new airship the Helio-Arx, Mechanika devises a plan to sneak on board and search for clues, but she isn’t the only unexpected guest…

Pencils by Joe Benitez.  Colors by Peter Steigerwald & Mike Garcia.

32 pages, full color.

This is the Retailer Incentive edition of Lady Mechanika #4 (Cover C).

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