Benitez Productions’ inaugural books, Lady Mechanika #4 and Collected Editions #0-1 and #2-3, have all sold out at Diamond Comic Distrubutors. Series creator Joe Benitez is extremely pleased with the book’s success:

“I greatly appreciate all the fans and retailers for their continued support. I promise to do my very best to keep producing Lady Mechanika books in a timely manner while maintaining quality.”

Lady Mechanika #5, the giant-sized conclusion to the “Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse” storyline, will debut in stores this week.

With story and art by Joe Benitez, and featuring colors by Peter Steigerwald, Lady Mechanika is an action-adventure series set in Victorian England featuring a heroine with mechanical limbs of unknown origin and her desperate search for the secrets to her past. Inspired by the popular steampunk genre, the series combines the elegance of the Victorian Era with more advanced science fiction technology.

Originally published by Aspen Comics, Lady Mechanika is now published by Benitez’s new company, Benitez Productions.

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