Lady Mechanika #2 (Blank Sketch Edition)


LADY MECHANIKA VOLUME 1:  Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, Chapter Two

Lady Mechanika Issue #2 comic book (Blank Sketch Edition – Cover S).

32 pages, full color.

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The second chapter of the original Lady Mechanika series “The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse”:

Disturbed by haunting memories from her past, Lady Mechanika is consumed by a need for answers and focuses all her efforts on investigating the mystery of the Mechanical Girl.  The trail leads her to a traveling show run by a band of gypsies, where help might not come as easily as anticipated.

Pencils by Joe Benitez.  Colors by Peter Steigerwald.  Published by Aspen Comics.

32 pages, full color.

This is a special limited edition (limited to 200 copies, each book individually numbered) of Lady Mechanika #2 with a blank sketch cover on special card stock suitable for sketches (Cover S).

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