Lady Mechanika: La Belle Dame Sans Merci #2 (DragonCon Edition)


LADY MECHANIKA:  La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Part 2 of 3
Cover E by Joe Benitez & Sabine Rich, 32 pages, full color

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Lady Mechanika’s investigation of her forgotten past leads her into a deadly ambush, and her usually reliable associate Mr. Lewis is nowhere to be found.  What could have happened to Mr. Lewis that he should abandon his best friend in her time of need?  And how will Lady Mechanika manage to escape the trap all on her own?

Story by Joe Benitez and M. M. Chen. Pencils by Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel.  Colors by Beth Sotelo. 32 pages, full color.

This is the DragonCon edition (limited to 500 copies) of Lady Mechanika: La Belle Dame Sans Merci #2 with a variant cover (Cover E) by Joe Benitez and Sabine Rich.


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None, Signed by Joe Benitez, Signed by Joe Benitez & Martin Montiel

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