Wraithborn is an epic urban fantasy created by Joe Benitez and Marcia Chen about a normal girl given supernatural powers and the young warrior from whom the powers were stolen, and their struggle to battle demonic creatures terrorizing a modern day world:

Demons walk among us, fettered and unseen, but ever struggling to gain a foothold into the material world. A secret brotherhood of warriors guards an arcane power, the Wraithborn, the sole weapon which keeps the creatures at bay.

Valin is the young warrior trained from birth to inherit and safeguard the Wraithborn. But by chance – or possibly treachery – the power is bestowed instead upon Melanie, a shy high school girl with no knowledge of the supernatural. Together, the timid untrained teen and the proud but powerless warrior, must find a way to wield the Wraithborn and save humanity from enslavement by the demonkind.


Wraithborn was originally published in 2005-2007 by DC Comics.  The “Redux” editions published by Benitez Productions contain the original story, revised and updated by the creators, with new scenes and bonus material.